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A Metro Ticket Holder Keychain

This would be a useful keychain that stores all your metro tickets in one place.


White board marker clip | Payment Pending

a clip to hold the whiteboard marker to the eraser


Wedding name tag holders

I'd like our dog Barney to hold the nametags at our upcoming wedding


A spill proof lid | Payment Pending

Needs to be round and not leak.

Btn close

Somethingrandom | Payment Pending

This is a really awesome random project


Personalized iPhone6 Case | Payment Pending

Any text or logos can be put into a 3D printed iPhone 6 case


Personalized iPhone6 Case | Payment Pending

These are personalized iPhone6 Cases where people can put up to 12 letters of text or a logo on an iPhone6 case. These can be purchased here now:

2012 07 16 14.11.20

NFC Tags | Payment Pending

I want to have plastic parts with NFC tags embedded inside of them