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Img 20140908 125425

Wild n crazy gun

.0 | Payment Pending

I want to create a model of a gun that i have invented. It's just a model of a darts gun that i don't want it to work, i just want a model. It has to be 30 cm long and 10 high more or less.

Screen shot 2014 11 27 at 12.16.50 pm

Android Bot

.1 | Payment Pending

Aqui te envio una fotografia de lo que mas o menos estoy buscando, veras que es el muñeco de Android pero desearia unas 5 unidades al tamaño maximo que se pueda imprimir.


A blue venus

.1 | Payment Pending

Buenas tardes, me gustaria reproducir una escultura de la cual dispongo solo de algunas imagenes y no tengo la original.

Screen shot 2014 11 27 at 11.04.56 am

A toroid ring

.0 | Payment Pending

This should be a small hollow Taurus with an escape hole. I'm base in SF, new to 3d modeling and am hoping to print this locally as a basic proof of concept.

Iphone cover 03

A Princeton iPhone 5s case

.0 | Payment Pending

I want to put my buddy's alma mater in a cell phone case

2013 02 05 18.01.53

A ContourHD Under Board Skateboard Mount

.0 | Paid!

I want to somehow mount the ContourHD camera on the bottom side to capture the wheels and such while I ride.

Logo vectorized color square 01

PiE sprocket keychain!

.0 | Paid!

A thank you keychain to give to sponsors and supporters of Pioneers in Engineering.

Screen shot 2014 11 25 at 11.38.33 pm

Tiffany's Charm Bracelet

.0 | Paid!

A simple charm bracelet with charms that show my interests/likes.

Keep calm and carry on scan

Brush Cup

.0 | Paid!

Brush Cup


Behebe iPhone 4s Case

.0 | Paid!

I once had a phone case i thought was very smooth and sexy but it was very fragile and it broke pretty easily. Going for the simplistic smooth feel. Dont need anything fancy or any designs on it.

3xpysm i


.0 | Paid!

Small necklace charm. Shape: triangle, Color: blue/turquoise with small white/silver patterns on it, written message on the back: "friends forever" (written in silver)


3D Printed Replica of this Animated Character

.0 | Paid!

A friend of mine wanted this character printed for her desk a long time ago. Can anyone with artistic 3D Design skills help me help her? I guess the figure's name is Baymax

2012 10 20 13.35.21

3D Printed Chess Set with my friends heads

.0 | Paid!

So I think it would be cool to have various friends's heads on each chess piece of a chess set. If I sent you 3D scanned images of their heads via 123D Catch, can you put their heads on chess pieces?

20121127 180516

An improved 3D printable tripod

.0 | Paid!

This 3D printed tripod is good, but the legs fall out over time.


License plate holder replacement

.0 | Payment Pending

i need to replace this license plate frame holder for my motorcycle. I'm sure you can find the dimensions online.

Img 3696 1

Preschool Garden Sign - Beets

.1 | Paid!

Wooden garden signs with words depicting what's growing made by preschoolers. The printed text in the top left corner shouldn't be on the sign, that was just there for their reference. Only the letters the kid wrote should be on the sign. thanks :)


70th birthday stencil for DW

.0 | Paid!

A stencil to allow my dad, AKA "DW McCoy" to spray paint his name on various objects, equipment, machines, etc. Needs to be large enough to see and block back spray. Backside personal message: "Happy 70th Birthday Pops! Keep on being the best dad ever!"

3d leaf

3D printed leaves

.0 | Payment Pending

Every leaf is better in 3D

Img 0847

Gear keychain

.0 | Payment Pending

This is a plastic gear keychain. I'd like this part with my company logo:


Mun Skin Branded Coasters

.0 | Paid!

Laser-cut Mun Skin coasters for my friend Anass

10398023 10103422437519583 3960904056078715187 n

iPad Mini Case with my company logo

.0 | Payment Pending

I like this wedding iPad case but I'd like my company logo on the cover. Can you do that?


A Metro Ticket Holder Keychain

.0 | Paid!

This would be a useful keychain that stores all your metro tickets in one place.


Wedding name tag holders

.0 | Paid!

I'd like our dog Barney to hold the nametags at our upcoming wedding


Personalized iPhone6 Case

.0 | Payment Pending

Any text or logos can be put into a 3D printed iPhone 6 case