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You3Dit is a community that was built to help bring the world closer to the magic of 3D printing in a fun, easy and friendly manner. Our solid network of 3D printers and designers are spread out all over the world and will help you transform your idea into a real, physical reality, without having to understand how the process of design, printing and everything all works. That’s our job. You focus on being creative. Sign up below for our newsletter and we’ll share the highlights and news of our growing community of makers!

Want to 3D print?

All you have to do is share with us your idea via: a photo, drawing, description or if you have it, a CAD file. Our community of designers will then begin working hard transform your idea into a 3D Computer Aided Design file which we will then pass on to one of our 3D printer experts local to you. Your idea is then miraculously 3D printed and delivered in record time!

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try, start 3Ding today and bring your idea to life!!

Do you have a 3D Printer?

Join our team of 3D printer experts who own printers all over the globe and are helping our community bring their ideas to life. With, you can make some side cash printing our customer ideas and you’re also helping reduce the environmental impact of shipping by being close to our customer!!.

Are you a CAD Designer?

Join our team of expert CAD designers who help our community transform their idea on a napkin into a real-life 3D solid CAD model ready for 3D printing. You will receive work related to your interests and skill level. And you will make money off of each design you make that is printed and purchased by our customers


Become a maker!

Get started with today! Upload your text, images or CAD files of the stuff you want made and we'll help you bring your idea to life...and fast!

We need your address to send your design to the closest printer. The more precise your details, the better we can narrow the search. We'll confirm delivery and billing address when you make the purchase!
Tell us in about 3-4 sentences what you would like to make! We'll confirm with you to see if we understand what it is that you want. Tell us the important things like: color of part, personalized lettering or text, shapes, etc. Finding examples off of websites like and others may help you help us! If you have a picture, drawing, or CAD file already made, please upload it here


Become a 3D CAD designer!

Get started designing with today! We can't make a success without people like YOU!! As a designer, you'll receive requests from people all over the world who want to bring their ideas to life but don't know how. You will help them make this possible by 3D CAD modeling their ideas! In addition, you will also get paid for your 3D CAD models if the customer makes the purchase.

comma separated. For clients who speak the same language can find you easily
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Tell us in about 3-4 sentences why you're interested in 3D printing with us!


Become a you3Dit, 3D Printer!

Get started printing with today! We can't make a success with out people like YOU!! As a 3D printer, you'll receive finished CAD models from our designers and people from all over the world who are helping bring our customers's ideas to life. You are an integral part of this process because you print the physical object and help deliver the final part! Above all, you're likely neighbors with our customer!

We need geotag your printer to offer your services based on location. The more precise your details, the better we can narrow the search
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Tell us in about 3-4 sentences why you're interested in 3D printing with us!


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