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Wheel of time book by cornfleks

Fire Panda's Book

.10 | Paid! | New

Small (4 inch x 1 inch max) replica of a book. Simple, rectangle, but book like... cover, pages, writing on spine a plus.

Logo only acl 3

Laser cut AIDS Life Cycle Bike License Plates

.8 | Paid! | New

Looking for a quick and easy design to share my efforts on the AIDS life cycle

Mnm coasters repeat order

M&M Coasters Round Two

.31 | Paid! | Designed

This is a repeat order for the M&M coasters. Looking for a fabricator in North Carolina. Durham preferably.

2013 08 18 12.01.18

You3Dit Design Challenge

.23 | Payment Pending | New

Ever been at a bar or coffee shop and have the table wobble? Eliminate that problem w/a "Wedgie". Submit your designs now and we'll help you get it printed!

Screen shot 2015 04 18 at 10.17.25 pm

You3Dit Quality Test Print - For Fabricators with 3D Printers

.26 | Payment Pending | Designed

This project is for fabricators in their network who want to boost their reputation in our community and to establish a quality reference to enable access to higher tier projects. For fun, pick a color related to your country!


Bike Speedometer Pickup Mount Fix

.21 | Paid! | New

the tabs for the zipties that hold the pickup on the fork broke. Can you help me fix?

Dysneyland castle

Building kit for castle

.32 | Payment Pending | New

I'm trying to design a building kit for a castle like the one on the picture. I'm trying to find a smart way to have pieces that assemble together (with the prints not always giving the same results depending on filaments)

Img 7023

RJ Frank STEM Gear Logo

.71 | Paid! | Designed

I'd like to have a 3D printable file of this logo. Use your creativity to come up with something very fun but also easily 3D printable.


wally 340 knitting machine

.45 | Paid! | Designed

open-source knitting machine that can create ready-to-wear clothes from digital files.


Credential Holder

.43 | Paid! | New

Basic credential holder with a clip that locks it shut.

Dr. crawlit 1

Little Robot Man

.114 | Paid! | New

Would to just simply get a 3d print of this guy

Img 0841

EOI and StepOne Ventures Gear KeyChains

.41 | Paid! | Delivered

Acrylic gear keychains. Modifying or improving this design could be interesting


Personal Figurine/Statuette Request

.100 | Paid! | New

For a long time now, I've always wanted a personalized figurine of one of my own characters. Hopefully with the right help, I could get that desire fulfilled.



.44 | Payment Pending | Designed



Emoji Face

.44 | Payment Pending | New

It will be a iPhone 5 case with my favorite emoji on it. Or a very iconic emoji.

2015 03 05 18.28.49

Emergency gas shut-off wrench

.45 | Payment Pending | New

For when a natural disaster strikes, I'd like a wrench that can quickly shut off the gas main entering my home.

Moirabreslin monograms 06

M&M Coasters

.61 | Payment Pending | Designed

100x coasters for my wedding on 3/14/15

2014 12 02 19.34.22

Mun Skin Coasters

.54 | Paid! | Designed

Laser etch a natural and wood-textured coaster. The coasters should have a layer of cork on the bottom which can be laser cut and then wood-glued on.

Table and chairs

The 36 Questions Table

.149 | Paid! | New

Hi there! I'd like someone to laser etch a wooden tabletop based on a vector file that already exists.



.71 | Paid! | Designed

Samsung Galaxy 3


Real Madrid

.44 | Payment Pending | New



Real Madrid

.41 | Payment Pending | New