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Table and chairs

The 36 Questions Table

.108 | Paid!

Hi there! I'd like someone to laser etch a wooden tabletop based on a vector file that already exists.



.11 | Payment Pending

Samsung Galaxy 3


Real Madrid

.6 | Payment Pending



Real Madrid

.4 | Payment Pending




.4 | Payment Pending

It would have a picture of Marshall lee the vampire King and Fiona the Human from adventure time.


Minnie Mouse

.4 | Payment Pending

Minnie Mouse

Fido flash instagram


.12 | Paid!

This is a personalized dog collar that flashes light when your dog, cat, wife or brother runs around at night. Tags can have up to 10 characters on it.


Mun Skin Display

.25 | Paid!

this display should be about 1ft tall and be able to display our Mun skin products

Photo jan 19  2 32 29 pm

Yamaha 350 XT Front Fork Cable

.36 | Paid!

This is an all plastic part which secures the brake cable to the fork.

Screen shot 2015 01 13 at 7.17.52 pm

Huge Unicorn

.42 | Payment Pending

We have a customer with a HUGE challenge...a 5 foot tall 3D printed unicorn that needs to be built by Thursday, January 15th by 17h00 Pacific Standard Time. Can you help? Wanna help? Read below

Instagram flashy


.107 | Paid!

RaverRings utilize the Radio Shack "LED Flashing Steps" and turns them into hand activated fun! (Formerly known as "Flashy").


Exponent Coasters

.50 | Paid!

I need 5x coasters with my company logo on it.

Photo jan 06  4 40 13 pm

Clever concept for a hip restaurant business in Oakland

.23 | Paid!

Mua is a fun restaurant and bar in Oakland, CA in the US. I'd love a set of personalized coasters, business cards, or what have you to help them promote their business.

Photo jan 06  4 32 21 pm

Flashing LED Wearable Clip of sorts

.27 | Payment Pending

So I'm looking to attach these flashing lights to my shirt, wrist, shoes, etc. Maybe I put them on a ring for my hands, I really don't know yet.

Logo   medallion

Logo of restaurant

.44 | Payment Pending

Need to 3D this 2D object. Just extrude by Z-axis.


Broken ladder flap

.40 | Paid!

I broke this piece on my extendable ladder. I can send more pics as necessary.


3D printed hand

.45 | Paid!

This project is intended for an individual who is an expert wood worker.


RJ Frank Academy

.78 | Paid!

RJ Frank Academy of Marine Science and Engineering LOGO Final design: http://instagram.com/p/xim2oUr44a/?modal=true

Prayer medal graphic

The Holy Family Prayer Medal

.110 | Payment Pending

Fits in the Palm of your hand

Dr. dre hay

dr dreidel - hannah rothstein

.347 | Payment Pending

Please see - http://www.hrothstein.com/the-fun-stuff/#/dr-dreidel/

Golden gate bridge 2 750x500

Wooden lazer cut of the golden gate bridges

.51 | Paid!

Golden gate bridge lazer cut on a board of wood

333 1citroen sm salt flats scaler

Wooden lazer cut of a Citroen

.87 | Paid!

Turning various layers of these cars into layers of a laser-cut wood panels (car, background...) in order to begin to look 3D.

Purse holder

Purse Holder

.45 | Paid!

A purse hanger, would like qty of 10. Metal finish must be able to hold up to 15 lb


Tae Kwon Do Bookends for the Nephews

.43 | Payment Pending

Looking to transform the karate figures here into the faces of my nephews. Photos to be sent soon.