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my mickey mouse keychain for donna

.2 | Payment Pending | New

I'd like this to be roughly 30 mm wide

New fatima

Main de Fatma

.14 | Paid! | In Fabrication

A keychain

Img 1487

Vinyl cut sticker for window display

.7 | Payment Pending | Designed

I’m interested in getting a quote for a white vinyl window decal of an intricate line drawing for our retail store windows.


Impactus Crocosaurus

.21 | Paid! | Delivered

We provide services to help your startup grow. We can provide a development team to build an MVP, or growth hacking to help you reach your users.

Medallion v01

flower of kairos medallion.

.76 | Paid! | In Fabrication

Taking the design not the tile shape and turn it into a 7 inch medallion. TO clarify, not looking a round shape. just the design itself.

Screen shot 2015 09 03 at 1.20.27 pm

Berkeley Campanile 3D-print

.32 | Payment Pending | Designed

I would like a 3D-printed campanile to put on my desk.

Screen shot 2015 09 04 at 1.17.23 pm

Happy Birthday Hannah!

.70 | Paid! | Delivered

A birthday gift for a female triathlete with 'Happy Birthday Hannah'

Ray gun mark ii menu icon boii

Ray gun mk II

.25 | Payment Pending | Designed

A just about 1/1 scale model Ray gun mark 2


Star Wars coasters.

.42 | Payment Pending | New

I want an ewok, r2d2 and yoda. And I guess darth vader

Msl 428x321

The Mars Curiosity Rover

.48 | Payment Pending | Delivered

Want to print this really bad!!

Model texture

Mini me

.59 | Payment Pending | Designed

A 3d model of Dave, the perfect Xmas gift for all the family


MUN Skin Care display material for trade shows

.87 | Paid! | Delivered

Create stands/platforms for trade shows/expos to display our skin care products.

Image 2

Stealth frame

.37 | Payment Pending | New

FPV racing drone frame that has a sleek and stealthy look. I'm looking for about 300mm long mid body, with 4 even arms.

Eyewash trophy

Eye Wash Trophy

.114 | Paid! | Delivered

The goal is to encourage eye wash safety by recognition with a trophy

Autodesk wedgie

Autodesk Wedgie

.75 | Paid! | Delivered

Need an Autodesk wedgie design and pronto for an event on July 29th, at 9am

Thehabit keychain

Habit Keychain

.82 | Paid! | Designed

Habit burger grill keychain for anyone willing to design it. You can try to stick to the logo but if you have your own ideas then feel free to be creative!

2014 02 22 18.19.33 preview featured


.80 | Payment Pending | Cancelled

What is shown on Thingiverse

Double flag holder

Double flag holder

.93 | Paid! | Delivered

Id like to be able to properly fly these two flags from our unused door hinge

Gray head

Gray Head

.139 | Paid! | Delivered

Cute alien head.