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Screen shot 2015 11 23 at 10.23.46 pm


.13 | Payment Pending | Designed

We would like this part to be fabricated with an Ultimaker 3D printer

Screen shot 2015 11 22 at 5.31.20 pm

Local Neighborhood Coasters - ETSY #1054739148

.15 | Paid! | In Fabrication

This is a set of coasters that captures Crutchers Creek


Broken Toyota Tundra 2001 knob

.40 | Paid! | New

Need someone to fix this broken knob.

Heroes   hearts award photo

Upwork LUV Award

.82 | Paid! | New

We are creating an employee recognition award in which we'd like to incorporate our company branding/color scheme in the trophy example provided. We'd like to be able to order 16 for delivery by 11/27/2015

Screen shot 2015 10 21 at 6.47.19 pm

6 Clue game pieces

.89 | Paid! | Designed

game pieces, one in each color or we can spray paint them, somewhere in the 6-9" size range. We plan to wear them atop of hats as part of our clue halloween costumes.

Screen shot 2015 10 21 at 7.34.16 pm

Power exhaust link cover cr125 1989

.57 | Payment Pending | Designed

This is a 1987 Honda CR 125 replacement power exhaust valve link cover .. Here is the plate that the cover is for I placed a lighter to give size idea

Photo oct 12  7 25 46 am

Keyrious Logo Board

.62 | Payment Pending | Delivered

This should be a 2"x2" etch of our logo into the provided wood sample.

Screen shot 2015 10 10 at 7.38.58 pm

Wooden Cubicity Sample Filament Tags - New Design

.93 | Paid! | In Fabrication

We'd like to make more Laser-etched Cubicity-branded Sample Filament Tags for our new line of advanced and specialized 3D Printer filaments.

Screen shot 2015 10 04 at 7.40.55 pm

Bespoke Branded Wedgie

.77 | Payment Pending | Delivered

We'd like to have this keychain as well to demonstrate the power of digital fabrication to help companies do more with their branding.

Bespoke transformation keychain

Bespoke Transformation Keychain

.67 | Payment Pending | Delivered

A slick keychain for handouts at the Bespoke Transformation Event

Super gas ops picture

Super Gas Ops Clocks

.63 | Payment Pending | New

We'd like to also make several larger clocks as well similar to the one in the attached photo.

Photo oct 05  9 03 59 am

Super Gas Ops Coasters

.67 | Payment Pending | In Fabrication

We're looking to produce some coasters for our Super-Gas Ops team


my mickey mouse keychain for donna

.69 | Payment Pending | New

I'd like this to be roughly 30 mm wide

New fatima

Main de Fatma

.68 | Paid! | In Fabrication

A keychain


Redheffer's Perpetual Motion Machine

.91 | Paid! | New

gravity based perpetual motion machine

Img 1487

Vinyl cut sticker for window display

.56 | Payment Pending | Designed

I’m interested in getting a quote for a white vinyl window decal of an intricate line drawing for our retail store windows.

Part listing

Tauriel Daggers

.42 | Paid! | Delivered

These parts are for a halloween costume for a friend's daughter


Impactus Crocosaurus

.66 | Paid! | Delivered

We provide services to help your startup grow. We can provide a development team to build an MVP, or growth hacking to help you reach your users.

Medallion v01

flower of kairos medallion.

.125 | Paid! | In Transit

Taking the design not the tile shape and turn it into a 7 inch medallion. TO clarify, not looking a round shape. just the design itself.