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Eyewash trophy

Eye Wash Trophy

.2 | Payment Pending | New

The goal is to encourage eye wash safety by recognition with a trophy

Autodesk wedgie

Autodesk Wedgie

.31 | Paid! | Delivered

Need an Autodesk wedgie design and pronto for an event on July 29th, at 9am


Habit Keychain

.31 | Paid! | New

Habit burger grill keychain for anyone willing to design it. You can try to stick to the logo but if you have your own ideas then feel free to be creative!

2014 02 22 18.19.33 preview featured


.51 | Payment Pending | Designed

What is shown on Thingiverse

Double flag holder

Double flag holder

.62 | Paid! | Delivered

Id like to be able to properly fly these two flags from our unused door hinge

Gray head

Gray Head

.100 | Paid! | Delivered

Cute alien head.


Laser etched mirrors for salon business cards

.27 | Paid! | New

Like the business card in the photo, I want this with my salons details to hand out to my customers

Photo apr 27  1 54 18 pm  1

Misssey Round Coaster Re-order

.62 | Paid! | In Fabrication

This is a re-order from an earlier You3Dit Project: Laser Cut Misssey Coasters.


San Francisco map coasters

.139 | Paid! | Delivered

Set of 4 coasters 4x4in

Updated corner protector v02

Corner protector

.40 | Payment Pending | Designed

corner protector for my tables

Tp holder update extended length

Toilet dispenser fix

.42 | Paid! | Delivered

need a copy of this toilet paper dispenser


PCV Hose for 1990 Chevy c1500

.28 | Payment Pending | New

Attempting to 3d scan/print a PCV hose for a 1990 c1500 since the auto part is no longer manufactured.

Metal jobsite box

Theft-proof box

.26 | Payment Pending | New

I need a stainless steel storage box,with 1 door.The storage must be burglar proof and the door hinges must be strong enough to hold against force.

Screen shot 2015 06 26 at 1.26.45 pm

SF Themed Coasters

.54 | Paid! | Delivered

For my family. There are 3 names as written in the image with 2015 in the right hand corner.

Propel helicopter project

Propel RC Helicopter Business Card holder

.50 | Payment Pending | Designed

I want to be able to attach a business card to my Propel RC to draw people into my booth today at SolidCon 2015

Screen shot 2015 07 29 at 12.40.42 pm

Printrbot Simple Spool Holder with pen-enabled shaft

.50 | Paid! | Delivered

Let's improve the duct tape solution. Let's 3d print a coupling.

Ratbowl preview

Rat bowl

.59 | Payment Pending | Designed

Need 2 3D printed. Fits in 4.5" x 4" x 3" imaginary box. Assumed Z-axis (see pic.) printing.

Solar panel clamp

Panel clamp

.48 | Payment Pending | In Fabrication

Need this 3D printed. It tends to warp on the corners so good luck.

Il 570xn.758328815 i962

Bespoke Table Organizer

.75 | Payment Pending | In Design

Using our Bespoke "B" brand letter, we'd like to make conference room desk organizers.

Screen shot 2015 06 26 at 1.46.11 pm

San Francisco Map Coasters

.59 | Paid! | Delivered

1 set of San Francisco map coasters (4x per set)

Screen shot 2015 06 26 at 1.54.11 pm

Map Coasters in France

.49 | Paid! | Delivered

Four simple google map coasters

Img 7858

The RoachScope

.75 | Paid! | New

A dissection microscope for the 99%! We are a DIY neuroscience company and would like a low-cost microscope designed for injection molding that allows us to do neuroscience experiments for K-12 that can fit in your toolbox.