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Bear95pieces 23

Buel Bear

.13 | Paid! | New

wanted to give my friend a 3D rendering of his logo for his company


MDF business cards

.5 | Payment Pending | New

Will provide personal information to the fabricator once designed. Just need format to match.


Printed Unicorn

.17 | Paid! | In Fabrication

I have a new version of the Farbman unicorn in need of printing. The Unicorn may be scaled as convenient. A bright color is preferred.


Bay Area coasters for a friend

.15 | Paid! | New

I'd like two coaster designs. One like the SF Giants logo but with the names as pictured. Then also, the second design could be any Golden Gate Bridge style of coaster you think is awesome.

Unicorn image

The Farbman Unicorn

.19 | Payment Pending | In Fabrication

A gift for his lady

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3d printer modification

.33 | Paid! | New

looking to separate out all of the components so that they can all be 3d printed separately.

Fb img 1431536584793


.17 | Paid! | New

Our company logo on a wedgie keychain


Printrbot Simple Metal Plus 1/4-20 camera mount

.9 | Paid! | New

Need a mount for my BuddyGripper. Part concept is in the drawing.

Gucci car

The UP 27 Gucci Car Keychain

.30 | Paid! | New

Russ would like to have his "Gucci" Car 3D printed down to a size that can fit into the palm of your hand. Can you help him?

Relojs sf

Reloj de Skyline de Madrid

.49 | Paid! | New

Necesito un reloj como el que hay de muestra.

Social media coasters

Laser Cutting Fabrication Challenge

.33 | Payment Pending | New

This project is for fabricators who use Laser Cutters in our network and who want to boost their reputation in our community by establishing a quality reference.

Photo apr 28  8 26 32 pm

Personalized Breaking Bad Coasters

.65 | Paid! | Delivered

Cathryn wants 2x of each type of the following Breaking Bad coasters


Coaster Maps of your neighborhood

.23 | Payment Pending | New

Want to share your neighborhood with guests? Do so over some fun Google-mapped coasters


AIDS Life Cycle LED Lighted Sign for bike seat post

.28 | Paid! | New

This is a 3D printed adapter that will attach to my Serfas bike light and display a Laser Cut sign of sorts to light up as I ride:

Descarga (1)


.35 | Payment Pending | New

It`s a sword called Domivat. It is in a book called "Memorias de Idhun" (Search for images).

Wheel of time book by cornfleks

Fire Panda's Book

.28 | Paid! | Delivered

Small (4 inch x 1 inch max) replica of a book. Simple, rectangle, but book like... cover, pages, writing on spine a plus.

Lori and joel facebook v01

Lori and Joel Birthday 2015

.24 | Paid! | Delivered

Some sort of fun and amazing gift - should be easily designable and fabricate-able considering my short time frame.

Misssey logo

Laser Cut Misssey Coasters

.34 | Payment Pending | Delivered

We would like several sets of coasters (4x per set) to sell at our Gala on May 2, 2015

Know thyself erik photo 5 acrylic mirror

I Am Misssey Laser Cut Mirrored Acryllic Gifts

.27 | Payment Pending | Delivered

Gifts and prizes for the women involved with Misssey.org

Alc plates and keychains

Laser cut AIDS Life Cycle Bike License Plates and Key Chains

.47 | Paid! | Designed

Looking for a quick and easy design to share my efforts on the AIDS life cycle

Mnm coasters repeat order

M&M Coasters Round Two

.57 | Paid! | Delivered

This is a repeat order for the M&M coasters. Looking for a fabricator in North Carolina. Durham preferably.

2013 08 18 12.01.18

You3Dit Design Challenge

.35 | Payment Pending | New

Ever been at a bar or coffee shop and have the table wobble? Eliminate that problem w/a "Wedgie". Submit your designs now and we'll help you get it printed!

Screen shot 2015 04 18 at 10.17.25 pm

You3Dit Quality Test Print - For Fabricators with 3D Printers

.50 | Payment Pending | Designed

This project is for fabricators in their network who want to boost their reputation in our community and to establish a quality reference to enable access to higher tier projects. For fun, pick a color related to your country!


Bike Speedometer Pickup Mount Fix

.32 | Paid! | New

the tabs for the zipties that hold the pickup on the fork broke. Can you help me fix?