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Pencil Holding Turtle

.9 | Payment Pending | In Fabrication

found this on thingiverse(www.thingiverse.com/thing:1301808), think it'd make a sweet vday present ;D

Charging pyramid

Small Narrow Pyramid

.5 | Paid! | New

I want a small pyramid, 4-6 inches tall, whatever is most convenient for you. The sum of the four base sides should equal the height of the pyramid times 1.16

Pyramid sketch

Pyramid Joint

.19 | Paid! | New

I need a joint to insert four PVC pipes (or other dowels) into. The purpose is to make it easy to make a pyramid frame. The angle from one corner of the pyramid at the apex to an adjacent corner needs to be about 16.3 degrees.



.20 | Payment Pending | New

You can personalize this lens with your name

Key rack

A laser cut key rack with style

.48 | Paid! | New

This is a gift for my friends. They have two nails, for their Audi and Honda car keys. You3Dit has to have some clever designers to make something great!


3D Printing Comparator

.19 | Paid! | New

Just like this metal finish comparator. I want this for 3D printing technologies.


Comet Labs Mugs

.22 | Paid! | New

We need some sweet mugs for our office. We'd like 24 mugs, laser cut or printed, in nice comfy mugs. Logo on one side. The words "intelligent machines" (no quotes) in Oxygen font on the back.

Screen shot 2016 01 25 at 8.23.25 am

Protective part to separate screw from glass in hole

.47 | Paid! | Delivered

I need this part designed and 3D-printed. Total of 8 needed (left and right hand side pairs). Note: I need these parts for Friday 01/29 at the latest!

Fullsizerender 2

Laser Cut Polystrene (Recurring 1 Sheet Per Week)

.31 | Paid! | Designed

We are looking for a fabricator to laser cut sheets .02" of polystyrene cut for our custom lampshade. The cut file is laid out for a 36" x 36" sheet. The image shows examples of our prototypes. I can be contacted at joseph@gantri.com for info.


Cut, Engraved, Finished Aluminum Parts (Recurring 1 sheet per week)

.29 | Paid! | In Fabrication

We are looking for a shop to cut, engrave and finish aluminum parts. The sheet size is 24" x 24". We are looking to have 1 sheet cut per week. The uploaded photo shows a few similar parts that we have had previously cut. Contact : joseph@gantri.com

Dust boot 02

Dust Boot

.37 | Paid! | In Transit

Dust boot for CNC router

Screen shot 2016 01 18 at 2.11.08 pm

Apple Pencil pencil rest

.57 | Paid! | In Fabrication

Hi, I want the pencil rest in the picture that the Apple Pencil is in designed and printed. I would like, if possible, for the material to be plastic "Apple" like material, and I would like it to be exactly like what is shown in the picture. Thank you.

Screen shot 2016 01 21 at 8.54.39 am

Just-be Drink Stencil

.61 | Payment Pending | In Fabrication

Can you make a stencil for the attached picture? I want it to be thick enough plastic like a credit card thickeness so that I can wipe it clean and it can get wet. I want the letters to be cut out and the overall size to be 2.75in by 2.75in.

Screen shot 2016 01 16 at 3.11.50 pm

Infinite Uptime Waterproof Top

.30 | Paid! | In Fabrication

need this part 3D printed for testing purposes. These parts are about the same size of a deck of cards (if your scaling is weird).

Screen shot 2016 01 16 at 1.17.55 pm

Infinite Uptime Productivity Waterproofing Gasket

.37 | Payment Pending | Designed

We need quick turn around on some gaskets. Not sure if Laser Cutting or Waterjet cutting is more appropriate. Laser Cutting / Water Jet Cutting: Gasket - 0.1 inch thick, standard Gasket Material (Quantity : 5)

Iu 123015

Infinite Uptime - Industrial Design - Final Version

.47 | Payment Pending | Designed

This is a prototype to test fit using high-quality 3D printers; like an SLS machine or otherwise. We need Shapeways quality in you3Dit speed

Img 7901

Keyrious Box - NEED BY JAN 4

.55 | Payment Pending | New

I have a prototype box (images on the left) and I need to make it look better for a display (images on the right).

Screen shot 2015 12 30 at 12.52.41 pm


.66 | Paid! | Delivered

I need a 3D print of this ring.

Screen shot 2015 12 27 at 5.34.24 pm

Laser Cut Topographic Map

.61 | Payment Pending | New

Here is a post about someone who made this map. Interested in seeing how much it would cost for someone to make one for me. http://imgur.com/gallery/vuyDa

Img 20160101 032907089 1

Glasses fix

.53 | Paid! | Delivered

The metallic part of these glasses broke. Maybe we could just design and 3D print a sleeve that can re attach the one broken arm. No need to make it fold anymore, just get it so everything attaches together.

Screen shot 2015 12 21 at 8.48.50 am

Coronado Coasters

.49 | Paid! | In Transit

Coronado coasters and ASAP

Sb pro with speaker skirt

BYB Speaker Box

.83 | Payment Pending | New

I've attached images and a zip file with the current design files for the speaker enclosure part. The acrylic plate is in the dxf as it is laser cut right now. I also included the datasheet and 3d model of the speaker itself.

Tiger head logo design 02 by scottvisnjic


.87 | Payment Pending | Designed

this is our logo.