Successful hardware products are not built overnight. You not only need an idea, you need a team that innovates at light speed. A team with design and manufacturing capability AND capacity. A team that has deep knowledge of strategy AND execution, design AND manufacturing. And you need(ed) all of this...yesterday. But do you know where to find these critical resources? Will your customers wait for you? Want help?

No matter what stage of product development, You3Dit can provide you and your team the design engineering AND prototyping services to get your product to market fast. Design and build the right prototype, at the right time, for the right cost and send shockwaves through your industry with this accelerated competitive advantage.

Below is our award-winning Iterative Product Innovation and Development process called the Rapid Innovation Cycle. This process has been adopted by many companies and top-ranked universities, like University of California Berkeley, I.E. Business School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in an effort to prepare the workforce for tomorrow's most complex business, market and product challenges.
Our Hardware-as-a-Service program bundles all the engineering services you need to get to the market quickly: mechanical engineering, industrial design, prototyping, design for manufacturing & assembly (DfMA) and agile project management.

Tell us when you want to launch your product and we will offer you the right level of services to get your product to market.
How do you know your engineers, suppliers and / or stakeholders are delivering the technology specs they’ve promised you?

Let a You3Dit HaaS: ADVISOR help you at the early stages make better mechanical engineering, manufacturing and other hardware-related decisions--when timing and success are mission critical.
Hardware as a Service combines design engineering and prototyping into one monthly service curated to work on your budget, quality expectations and schedule.
Are you moving fast enough? Leading your industry?
Want to start that journey today?
Rapid Prototyping for all industries
Our design, engineering, rapid prototyping
and manufacturing capabilities
Mechanical Engineering
  • Fundamentals
  • Materials Selection
  • Micro / Meso / Macro structural fundamentals / implications
  • Loads and Stresses
  • Deflection and Stiffness
  • Failures
    • Static
    • Dynamic / Variable
  • Structures
  • Mechanisms
    • Springs
    • Gears
    • Bearings
    • Shafts / Axles
    • Flexible Elements
  • Enclosures
  • Non-permanent Joints (screws) / Permanent joints (welding)
  • Product Design
    • For Manual Assembly
    • For Automated Assembly
  • DfX
Design for
Additive Manufacturing
  • Topology Optimization
  • Lattice Structures
  • Part Consolidation
  • Generative Design
  • Production Build Preparation
Mechanical Design
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)
  • Finite Element Modeling (FEM) / Analysis (FEA)
  • Simulation
  • Optimization
  • Design Decision Algorithms
    • TRIZ
    • Analytic Hierarchy Process
Manufacturing Engineering
  • Fundamentals
  • Selection of Materials and Processes
  • Assembly Efficiency
  • Process Design
  • Process Optimization
  • Process Validation
  • SPC / 5S / TQM
  • Lean / JIT
  • Theory of Constraints
Design for Manufacturing
and Assembly (DfMA)
  • Additive
  • Subtractive
    • 2.5D
      • Laser Cutting
      • Waterjet Cutting
    • 3D
      • CNC Machining
      • CNC Turning
  • Hybrid
  • Advanced
Industrial Design
  • Product Sketching
  • Vision Boarding / User Journeys
  • Looks-like / Feels-like Mockups
  • Target Industries
    • IoT
    • Industrial
    • Consumer
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Automotive
    • Aerospace
Market Experimentation
  • Build Planning / Setup
    • Computer Aided Machining (CAM)
    • Toolpath Generation (CNC)
    • Build-setup (AM)
  • Additive Manufacturing:
    • Extrusion:
      FFF / FDM / BMD
    • Photopolymerization
    • Powder Bed Fusion
    • Material Jetting
    • Binder Jetting
    • Direct Energy Deposition (DED)
    • Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM)
    • Hybrid Manufacturing
  • Laser Cutting
    • CO2, Fiber, Plasma
  • Waterjet
    • Desktop, Industrial
  • CNC Machining
  • Manufacturing
    • 100-1K parts
    • Polymers / Metals / Organics
    • DfM
    • QMS / APQP
  • Assembly
    • 100-10K parts / mo
    • Assembly Efficiecy
    • Tools / Jigs / Fixtures
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