20160602 121014

Shopbot PRT alpha 5 X 10

Machine Tags: cnc, router, Large Build Volume, wood, ALUMINUM
Location: oakland, California

Crp800 4896 base 800

CNC Router Parts 4896 PRO

Machine Tags: cnc, MACHINING, router, engraving, 3D, cut outs, wood, ALUMINUM, MDF, Plywood, PLASTIC, ABS, hdpe, signs
Location: Winchester, KY

Shopbot alpha


Machine Tags: cnc, router, SHOPBOT, wood, PLASTIC, FOAM
Location: San Francisco, CA

Shopbot alfa

ShopBot Alfa 8x4

Machine Tags: cnc, router, woodworking, fabrication, design
Location: San Francisco, CA

2013 updated 4th axis 4axis four axis cnc router 3040 ballscrew cnc engraving machine drilling and

CNC Router 6040 with 4th axis

Machine Tags: cnc, router, engraving, pcb
Location: North Highlands, CA