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Description: This is the front of an animatronic skull I am developing. I am interested in 3D Printing services only for this product. Please use the link provided for the file. (File URL)
Order Number: 20170409021335-782-01-0
Project views: 152
Project status: Designed Now accepting: Fabrication Bids
Design Type-Tier: simple-bronze
Design Price: US$25.00 | Paid: US$25.00
Fabrication Price: Payment Pending

Additional Information: I have been submitting this part to all the 3D printing places online as a comparison so I can decide which service I want to use once my project is finished prototyping, and is ready for public sale. Although I want to produce 1 for now, I am interested in bulk pricing and volume discounts for when I am ready to produce these for sale. By getting quotes for the exact same part from all the 3D printing places I can find, I can narrow it down to those places that charge a price that makes it possible for me to sell the product at a price people are willing to pay. I would appreciate a quote for a single piece, and also bulk orders if you offer better pricing for quantity. If you offer a variety of materials, perhaps you could quote me prices for them all, or contact me with a list, and I will select them. I want the lowest price I can get that still has reasonable resolution and quality. Thank you. Bob

  1. Fabrication work has started! See quotes
  2. Material desired: Plastics
  3. Quantity desired: 1