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Description: I would like an S hook designed to hold my headphones underneath my loft bed to hook onto the square bar.

Project views: 151

Project status: New Now accepting: Designs

Design Type-Tier: simple-bronze

Design Price: US$995.00 | Payment Pending

Fabrication Price: Payment Pending

Order Number: 20180814165241-1136-11-0

Material desired: plastics

Quantity desired: 1

Additional Information: HaaS Version 1: The width of the headphone band is 1.75" but I would like to be able to hold other headphones with different sizes. The width of the square bar is .75" . I would like the S hook to be rounded despite the bar being square because one of those mini bars (as seen in the image) runs parallel directly on top of the square bar. The hook should be sturdy enough to handle being squished between the mattress with a person on it and the bar while holding headphones.

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