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Description: We have our first prototype product called, "Productivity" that we'd like to improve the industrial design for our brand, Infinite Uptime

Project views: 742

Project status: Delivered Now accepting: Fabrication Bids

Design Type-Tier: artistic-platinum

Design Price: US$1000.00 | Paid: US$1000.00

Fabrication Price: Payment Pending

Order Number: 20151212232341-315-10-0

Material desired: plastics, rubbers, materials suited for mass production

Quantity desired: 1

Design File Parameters:

x dimension [mm]: 55.88
y dimension [mm]: 30.48
z dimension [mm]: 22.22

area [mm^2]: 20813.11
volume [mm^3]: 30224.02
total vol (qty: 1)[mm^3]: 30224.02
Additional Information: You can check out our website here: but more importantly, we've built this product and a company around helping manufacturers keep their critical machines running and avoiding costly downtime caused by tooling and machining failures. We'd like the industrial design to appeal to this type of customer. TIME CRITICAL. The faster this can be done, the better. Possible added bonus for finishing very quickly. Also, if this job goes very well, there is a lot more work coming in the pipeline for our other products.

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