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Description: Need a rough yet accurate model of a laser pointer. Button location (green line) is important. Shape is important. The dongle is not important. Grid is on a 5mm spacing.

Project views: 145

Project status: Designed Now accepting: Fabrication Bids

Design Type-Tier: simple-bronze

Design Price: US$995.00 | Payment Pending

Fabrication Price: Payment Pending

Order Number: 20180531191042-1099-10-0

Material desired: plastic

Quantity desired: 1

Additional Information: Here's more product info: https://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/professional-presenter-r800 Don't forget to check Grabcad.com, thingiverse.com, 3dcontentcentral.com, or fusion360 gallery first to avoid re-inventing the wheel!

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