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Description: I would like a calf catch similar to this product( but with a few changes. 1 - The hook needs to slip out but be packed in almost like a wine cork. 2 - The hook needs to have a loop so it can be tied to a rope

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Project status: In Design Now accepting: Fabrication Bids

Design Type-Tier: simple-silver

Design Price: US$1495.00 | Payment Pending

Fabrication Price: Payment Pending

Order Number: 20180408054052-1041-11-0

Material desired: n/a. Current calf catch is mad of aluminum. Might not need to be aluminum for a prototype.

Quantity desired: 1

Additional Information: In case you're wondering, the application is for ranching during calving season.

The rope would be wrapped into a winch attached to an UTV so the calf can be pulled into a side cage for protection against a mother cow while tagging and weighing. The cage and the mount for the winch might be a future 3d print project.

FEEDBACK FROM DESIGNS: The rope will need to be outside of the tube. The goal of this design is to catch a calf's leg with the hook, have the calf pull out the hook or release it mechanically somehow, then remove the tube/rod extension out of the way so the calf can be reeled in with a ratchet.

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