Cork coasters

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Description: Hi! I am trying to get some coasters made for my department. Are you able to take a microsoft publisher file and transfer it to a coaster? Or what type of file do you need from us?
Order Number: 20170127182122-729-01-1
Project views: 291
Project status: Delivered Now accepting: Fabrication Bids
Design Type-Tier: simple-bronze
Design Price: US$25.00 | Payment Pending
Fabrication Price: Paid: US$72.00

Additional Information: For some reason I'm unable to attached a publisher file to this message. Let me know, we need them by Feb 13th latest. We have an event Feb 14th. Thanks!

Amy Graham
4401 West Gate Blvd
Ste 310
Austin, TX 78745-1494
United States

Coasters to purchase:

  1. See Design(s) 1
  2. Material desired: cork, You3Dit can supply
  3. Quantity desired: 24