Wedding Gift: Wood Art w/couple Est. 2016

Lauren and jb

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Description: I'd like to make a wedding gift with either this image laser etched and "The Brinkmeyers Est. 2016" small somewhere on the bottom of the image. If the image doesn't work out, open to other ideas.
Order Number: 20170126233917-728-11-0
Project views: 311
Project status: Delivered Now accepting: Fabrication Bids
Design Type-Tier: artistic-bronze
Design Price: US$50.00 | Paid: US$50.00
Fabrication Price: Paid: US$30.00

Additional Information: I've uploaded original photo files in a dropbox folder so you have the highest quality image file to work with.

  1. See Design(s) 1
  2. Material desired: wood
  3. Quantity desired: 1