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Description: Hello Designers! Our project is to create a roller skate that someone can slip their shoe into. We need someone to help us design a model of this to 3D print.

Project views: 191

Project status: In Design Now accepting: Fabrication Bids

Design Type-Tier: simple-gold

Design Price: US$100.00 | Payment Pending

Fabrication Price: Payment Pending

Order Number: 20170330230245-773-10-0

Material desired: strong plastic or metallic plastic

Quantity desired: 1

Design File Parameters:

x dimension [mm]: 29.42
y dimension [mm]: 11.94
z dimension [mm]: 11.43

area [mm^2]: 1232.50
volume [mm^3]: 235.42
total vol (qty: 1)[mm^3]: 235.42
Additional Information: We were thinking that printing out the trucks would be difficult so we are mainly focused on the boot. We have a skate boot design as an stl file. However, the file was found from a file sharing source so the boot needs to have a solid base where we can attach trucks. Moreover, we plan on covering the open portion of the shoe with a stretchable fabric that we can sew on. We are definitely open to any new ideas regarding this part, we just figured using stretchable fabric would make it easier. Any new ideas regarding the design are certainly welcome as well! Boot color: Blue

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