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Description: Please produce a design for a 3-D model of the mighty robot from the book series Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot for my insane nine-year-old who doesn't understand that one does not simply "buy a 3-D printer".

Project views: 254

Project status: New Now accepting: Designs

Design Type-Tier: simple-bronze

Design Price: US$25.00 | Payment Pending

Fabrication Price: Payment Pending

Order Number: 20170331224228-774-11-0

Material desired: N/a

Quantity desired: 1

Additional Information: There are two styles of robot, one from the original book printing, and one from the new book printing. He would be delighted by either version, and if you can somehow manage to design the tiny mouse named Ricky sitting on the robots shoulder, you would earn bonus points. Things like size of robot model, colors, etc. don't matter to me, I'd just like something awesome to blow his tiny mind! The more painfully accurate, the better. Imagine designing something for a Roman Emperor, but with less sense of humor.

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